Is Doing A DETOX Good For Me?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many people ask me, especially this time of year, what detox diets are and if they work. If your diet consists of eating too many heavily processed and artificial foods, you may be thinking about trying a “detox” diet this … Continued

Optimizing Brain Health Means Eating Without Stress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do people ask you about what you eat? If you asked me that question I’d say YES. What I eat seems to be a subject people are curious about. For years when it comes to nutrition, people have been trying … Continued

Don’t Slouch! It’s Bad for Your Brain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your teachers, parents, and grandparents were right to caution you when you were young! They cautioned you NOT to do this behavior and now science has proven them correct. It wasn’t about eating or sleeping, which may be what you’re … Continued

Want Good Brain Health? Think Positively!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you have a strong, positive state of mind? Are you able to stay positive in the face of what often seems like an overwhelming negative barrage of life’s stresses? It’s not easy, is it? Cultivating and building a strong, … Continued

Use Urgency To Achieve Your Goals!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Listen up! I have an urgent message. I’ve noticed there’s one thing that all people who are successful at creating abundant health have in common. A sense of urgency. They use urgency to achieve goals! Why Does A Sense Of … Continued

Got Stress? Try This For Stress Relief!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stress…….we all have it and we all feel it. And the effects of stress will take a toll on your life. We all need stress relief. Why? Stress doesn’t just damage your mind. It harms your body, too. Best Ways … Continued

Boosting Brain Health Is Easy When You Know How

Reading Time: 2 minutes More and more good news keeps coming out about boosting brain health for seniors. I think it also applies to the rest of us, which is why I pass this information along to you. Tips for brain health are easy … Continued

Mindfulness Benefits Brain Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes More and more studies are confirming that mindfulness practices increase gray matter. These studies measure neurological changes in the brain. It’s exciting to know that mindfulness benefits brain health! How Mindfulness Benefits Brain Health Participating in a mindfulness based practice … Continued

Benefits Of Taking A Nap

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you ever tempted to curl up in the middle of your daily chaos, wherever you are, and take a nap? Is that a silly question or what? Well, rest easy! For a while now science has been giving the … Continued

Tea: Most Common Questions and Answers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many people ask me about tea, so here are some answers to the most common questions about tea. We’ll also take a look at the benefits of drinking tea. 1. What’s the difference between black, green, and herbal teas? Strictly … Continued

Five Tips For Getting Energy-Boosting Sleep

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you want the kind of sleep that will boost your energy and slow the aging process down (and who doesn’t right?), you need to build your sleep from the BED up. Here are 5 tips and tools for 8 … Continued

3 Ways Blinkist Helps Me Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m wondering if you’ll agree with me or not when I say that you can’t manage time. But you CAN craft it so that you have a better relationship with time going forward. Understanding the difference between managing and crafting … Continued

How To Get Rid Of Afternoon Energy Slumps

Reading Time: 2 minutes With so many of us leading demanding nonstop lives, it’s difficult not to peter out as the day goes on. Here are some ideas to get rid of and outsmart your afternoon energy slumps. How to Get Rid of Afternoon … Continued

4 Best Ways to Get Rid of Brain Fog

Reading Time: 2 minutes I turned on the defroster in my car the other day and I thought to myself, “Sure would like to have a DEFOGGER for my brain today!” I just felt like my mental edge had gone to sleep. So here … Continued

How To Make Easy Homemade Granola

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m always on the lookout for a better and healthier way to create a bowl of cereal. Homemade granola is delicious. Here are some granola recipe ideas. Remember to check the calories and serving size of your cereal portion. A … Continued

3 Best Vitamins to Take Every Day For Healthy Living

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you know the “Big 3” supplements that experts say would be wise for nearly everyone to supplement with? Even experts who don’t usually talk about the best vitamins to take every day seem to be talking about these, so … Continued

3 Ways To Fight Dementia

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are ways to fight dementia. Want three ways to hedge against dementia? Who doesn’t, right? Three studies presented in July at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference pointed towards exercise, tea consumption, and vitamin D as promising to keep dementia … Continued

Benefits of Meditation and How To Meditate

Reading Time: 5 minutes What would you answer if I asked you this question? What is the #1 exercise in the world that you can do in 12 minutes? Let me give you a hint. You can practice it most anywhere and anytime: in … Continued

Eat Apples To Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trying to lose a few pounds? Eat a plate of apple wedges before each meal. Eating a bit of high-fiber fruit such as apple or pear before each meal is a proven weight-loss booster. Here’s what you need to know … Continued

What Are The Benefits Of Lecithin?

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are not familiar with the benefits of lecithin and why it’s such an important nutritional ingredient, you will find the following facts interesting. Lecithin is found in every living cell. Its highest concentration is in the vital organs: … Continued

10 Tips For Living With Less Stress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you use the words stress and overwhelm when someone asks,”How’s it going?” Do you feel like there are times when your life is OUT of balance? Finding stress relief tips is so important to your health and well-being. To … Continued

Super Duper Smoothie Recipe

Reading Time: 2 minutes No matter how you label yourself, raw vegan to heavy meat eater, here’s a super duper smoothie recipe that is abundantly healthy and delicious too. A daily shake or smoothie is an easy way to incorporate more plant-based whole foods … Continued

How to Use Your Brain-Based Supergirl Powers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ready to come on a Supergirl journey with me? Forget Superman, we’re Superwomen! Your brain: that’s what’s going to turn on your Supergirl powers. It’s all about why your self-talk matters. Shelli, what are you talking about and how’s your … Continued

How to Stop a Headache Quickly and Naturally

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s simple and easy to feel better every day when you use these tips. Here’s a potpourri of useful suggestions for how to stop a headache, improve your mood, and increase your energy. Want to stop a headache in its … Continued

Got Ankle Pain? Try These Tips For Relief!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Got ankle pain, or do you perceive that you have weak ankles? One of the many things I do as a coach is helping my clients recover from injuries and help them regain mobility and strength. I use a system … Continued

Learn To Love Healthy Fats

Reading Time: 2 minutes Learn to love healthy fats. It’s as simple as that. Why? Because there are so many benefits of healthy fats! There are 3 types of fat – saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. Forget about that old “eating fat makes you fat” … Continued

How to Get More Energy Anytime and Anywhere

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wouldn’t you love to have energy on demand? Particularly in winter time when we often lack both physical and mental energy? It’s simple to boost your energy when you know how. Four Tips to Boost Your Energy Here are four … Continued

Why Green Tea Boosts Your Metabolism

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you know that green tea boosts your metabolism? However, when your body adjusts to the active ingredients, the boosting effect stops. What can you do? How Green Tea Boosts Metabolism Try cycling your green tea intake. Drink it for … Continued

How What You Eat Affects Sleep

Reading Time: 2 minutes If your brain is too excited, you’ll likely have trouble falling asleep. One of the things that may be happening is that your brain is excited from TOXINS. This may also be the case if you have trouble staying asleep. … Continued

How Road Trips Can Be Habit Forming!

Reading Time: 3 minutes The traffic lights got me thinking! As I drove during a recent car-trip holiday, there were just a few traffic lights along a rural two-lane, tree-lined route. You could see the lights hanging far in the distance, and there weren’t … Continued

Krill: What It Is and Health Benefits

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you know much about krill oil benefits? I’ve got a multiple choice question for you. What’s Krill? a) The character from the movie Krill Bill. b) The newest hip hop dance step. c) A shrimp-like crustacean. I knew you’d … Continued

Benefits of Chicken Soup: Fact or Fiction!

Reading Time: 2 minutes What’s the scoop on chicken soup? Is it healthy for you or are the healing benefits of chicken soup pure myth? I personally love chicken soup, and a few weeks ago I went on this kick of eating my homemade … Continued

Brain Exercises and Neurobics Keep You Mentally Sharp

Reading Time: 4 minutes I know you’re doing aerobics, but there’s a new aerobics kid on the block: neuron aerobics. Neuron aerobics and brain exercises for health might just be more important for your well-being than your typical aerobics. So, if you’re not doing … Continued

How Food Additives Affect Your Sleep

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you too excited to sleep at night? Maybe you’re having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? The culprit may be additives in your food. How Food Additives Affect Sleep Aspartame, MSG, artificial coloring, nitrates, and even soy contain “excitotoxins.” … Continued

Why All The Hype About Cold Showers?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you heard about how cold showers, and actually cold exposure in general, can be good for your health? This topic floats in and out of the media. In recent years, cold body therapy has gained serious popularity, because it … Continued

Fad Diets Don’t Work! Here’s What DOES Work!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you know the world’s best diet? Yes, there is one that experts have been ranking BEST for years now. Studies show it does everything, including helping you maintain a healthy weight, improving your heart health, and reducing symptoms of … Continued

How to Declutter Your Home: Most Popular 7 Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes Close your eyes and imagine the area around you in its most inviting and peaceful state. Maybe the lights are slightly dimmer or there’s some nice music playing. What does it smell like? Are you there alone or are others … Continued

How to Get the Most Benefits From Meditation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Marie Kondo may help you get your spring cleaning done and organized, but today we’re talking about a different kind of deep cleaning. We’re talking about a deep clean for your brain! When it come to decluttering your brain, nothing … Continued

What’s So Special About Mushrooms?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Truffles are like gold! They are sought after and treasured. Truffles are a hardy, healthy alternative to meat. That might be one of the reasons for their rise in popularity, even among us regular folks. In part that’s due to … Continued

Why Stress Causes Aging: What You Can Do About It

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oxidative stress is one of the primary causes of conditions related to aging. The link between stress and aging is real. Stress is linked to not just outward signs of aging but also cataracts, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and atherosclerosis. It stresses … Continued

Fear: My Humorous and Thoughtful Take On It!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Warning: this article contains a humorous yet thoughtful look at overcoming fears! We hate to admit it but most of our fears are irrational. And I’ll even admit that most of my fears are irrational. On one hand, everyday life … Continued

Can Sunlight Make You Skinny?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever wondered if the sun makes you skinny? Maybe you’re read something about this online. A woman recently asked me an interesting question. She had seen something online and wanted to know if the sun makes us skinny. … Continued

Should You Take A Multivitamin? Maybe, maybe not!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you think it’s necessary to take a multivitamin? I’m often asked whether or not I think taking a multivitamin is a good idea. In other words, is it necessary? It’s a good question, and one that deserves an answer, … Continued

Are You A Busy Beaver Or An Otter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was reading about the difference between otters and beavers the other day, and it got me thinking. Otters are said to be the most playful of all animals. Life for them is one frolic after another, sunbathing on a … Continued

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alzheimer’s is defined as a progressive deterioration within the brain that can occur in middle or old age. However, It’s preventable and not a normal part of aging! The name itself refers to the German psychiatrist and pathologist Dr. Aloysius … Continued

6 Best Brain Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

Reading Time: 2 minutes A great diet is necessary for optimal brain and memory function. Eating the best brain foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants helps your body, brain, and memory stay young. Eating foods rich in antioxidants, which include many fruits and … Continued

How To Build A Better Brain At Any Age

Reading Time: 3 minutes You can prevent brain dysfunction and grow your brain if you know how. Scientists now know that stimulating the brain through the senses of eyes, ears, touch, smell, and taste trigger new connections between the brain and body and within … Continued

Are Acai Berries Good For Your Brain?

Reading Time: 2 minutes By now you’re thinking, “Should I believe all the marketing information about Acai berries?” Maybe you’ve even asked people who keep up on the healthiest foods what they think about Acai berries? Many people are calling it a wonder cure. … Continued

Negative Affects of Sugar on the Brain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you much of a soda drinker? Do you drink sugary sodas on a regular basis? If you have an addiction to sugary sodas or know someone who does (and I think we all do), please pay careful attention. Sugar … Continued

Nature vs. Nurture: How Exercise Changes Your Genes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever thought it’s my genetics! That’s why I’m overweight, obsessive compulsive and/or can’t stay away from chocolate, and my brain always feels so fuzzy. Come on now, be honest. I don’t know anyone, including myself, who hasn’t thought … Continued

7 Tips To Add More Walking Into Your Day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you one of those people who thinks you don’t have time for exercise? Exercise is so important and benefits us in so many ways. Yet it’s very easy to shrug it off, skip it, and think you’ll get to … Continued

Why Sugar is Bad for Brain Health

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sugar is sugar is sugar……or is it not as simple and sweet as that? Just me mentioning sugar will either set you up for a craving or put you in a defensive I-never-touch-the-stuff mode. For most of us though, we’re … Continued

Why Strength Training is Good for Your Brain Function

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting stronger from strength training benefits both your body and brain function in so many ways! Are you regularly practicing strength training? If not, why not? OK, I can already hear some of you saying “but I hate going to … Continued

10 Easy Tips to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you have the best of intentions, but ultimately struggle when you want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Do you get the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day? Don’t worry, you are not alone. … Continued

How All-or-Nothing Thinking Affects Your Brain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you an all-or-nothing thinker? Come on, be honest. Many of us are and we don’t even realize it. I’m also guessing you don’t realize the affects of all-or-nothing thinking and how it damages your brain What is All-or-Nothing Thinking … Continued

Creating Brain Healthy Habits That Stick

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever felt excitement when you adopted a new healthy habit? Part of that excitement comes from your brain loving and responding to newness, especially new healthy habits. After all, if your brain isn’t on board with your new … Continued