How to Use Your Brain-Based Supergirl Powers

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Ready to come on a Supergirl journey with me? Forget Superman, we’re Superwomen! Your brain: that’s what’s going to turn on your Supergirl powers. It’s all about why your self-talk matters.

Shelli, what are you talking about and how’s your brain going to do that?

Glad you asked!

brain-based supergirl powers

Right Brain and Left Brain Powers

In these blog posts I’ve talked about neuroscience before, connecting right brain and left brain activities.

Your right brain, the creative part, gets stimulated by your left brain, the logical, rational side of your brain. Think of the left side as a computer that you program and the right side as the creative artist that brings those programs into being.

It’s interesting to ask yourself what qualities would you want YOUR Supergirl to possess?

Acting from a place of power, taking action, staying cool during stressful times……stopping a speeding bullet or leaping over a building in a single bound? You get the idea.

Many of us watched Superman when we were younger, and once he put on that cape anything was possible.

How often do you wish you could slip into a private place and come out with a super cape and super powers?

I know I do at least once a day!

All of us do possess internal mental-powers that when used can turn us into our own version of Supergirl!


Our Brain’s Chemical Cocktail for Super Powers: Your Self-Talk Matters!

Our brains make chemicals called neuropeptides. These are your “molecules of emotions” such as love, happiness, joy and fear. Besides circulating in your brain, these molecules of emotion circulate throughout your entire body.

Now here’s where it gets even more interesting.

Your immune system has cells too, right? Mostly we think of our immune system as the system that protects our health. That’s true……

However, your immune system cells communicate with your brain cells. They hear all the self talk that goes on in your brain and they create what you think about.

Your body and all your cells are constantly in communication with each other. That’s how you’re able to function!

So these immune cells listen and adjust their behavior based on what they hear from your brain.

So imagine what would happen if you started to THINK like Supergirl???

Self-talk makes a difference!

Here are some of the thoughts you might have during the day:

“I am indestructible!”

“The challenges I face day to day are easily overcome, after all I am Supergirl”

“I have super-cool powers!”

“I have incredible strength!”

“Nothing can stop me…..nothing!”

The billions of cells in your body ARE listening.

Their mission is to complete the picture of you when they hear your self talk. You’re in control.

They must obey. Your thoughts create YOU. As they say, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

This may be old news to you, or it may be mind-boggling or it may eye-opening.

Whichever, don’t let this message pass you by. Your self-talk matters.

Creating SUPERGIRL doesn’t take much but it does take being aware of your
self talk and the influence it has over your life’s creation.

So whether you want to achieve more success, improve your health or relationships, or be more motivated, becoming a SUPERGIRL starts in your mind.

What’s the first step?

This week LISTEN to what you say about yourself to yourself. Your self-talk matters!

Let me say that another way, “This week listen to what you say about yourself to yourself!”

I know, I know, I said the same thing twice! It’s that important, and besides, MY SUPERGIRL has a great sense of humor!!!

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