Yoga with Shelli, RYT

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In my early twenties I dabbled with yoga but didn’t understand its benefits, so never kept it up. I entered my forties with a chronically injured, inflexible body. With my orientation towards natural healing, I turned to yoga to help me heal my own body. It is because of the changes I experienced—the healing and opening in myself—that I decided to teach yoga and provide an environment where other people can explore their potential through yoga.

I have been studying and teaching yoga for over 15 years. I integrate my passion for several systems of yoga with my background in anatomy, physiology and holistic health, to support students in reconnecting with the subtle messages of their inner bodies and to celebrate their uniqueness.

I believe that yoga can benefit everybody. Some people originally come to yoga for external reasons like rehabilitation, stress relief, and to maintain their current level of health. Often people grow to understand that yoga can also become an internal experience where we learn that bringing the body and mind together, anchored in the breath, provides many benefits as well.

Yoga is taught in many styles. They are all good for you. My teaching reflects many forms, including “power yoga,” Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga, Shadow Yoga and yoga for children. I incorporate styles of holding poses as well as a flow style of moving with the breath, blending essential aspects of the different yoga traditions. Pranayama and meditation are always included in my practice and classes.

In my classes I aim to provide a joyful, relaxing environment, free from judgment, where we all come to our mats just as we are—on that day, at that particular moment. Flexibility and strength will come; they are the products of a yoga practice. They are not the goal, however. Yoga is about exploration–who you are and what you feel.

I also offer personalized Yoga programs for pregnant women, sport specific athletes and people recovering from injuries.

Always remember it’s not about what the yoga poses look like. It’s about what you are sensing inside, making yoga a sensational experience! As I tell my students: JUST ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

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