Tired of being tired?

Sick of being sick?

Just can’t lose those few extra pounds?

Do you want to quit yo-yo dieting and achieve true fat loss?

Do you believe you deserve a healthier, happier lifestyle?

If you answered YES to these questions and are ready to get started, please contact me.

I often get asked, ‘Which diet works best?’. In my view, this is simply the wrong question. Nutritional biochemistry is a powerful lever in our longevity toolkit, but it is much more than fad diets or the number on the bathroom scale. A better question might be, “how can I use nutrition to support my metabolic health?”

Reframing the goal toward metabolic health is a critical starting point. From there, you can combine general principles of nutrition science (such as how much protein you need) with personalization tactics to build a nutrition plan that makes sense for you.

My mission is to help women and men move, eat, and live better in “realistic ways” and in the “context of their actual lives.”

Having ONE answer that fits all is the antithesis of good coaching……so NO diet camp for all.

The body can do well under a whole host of different nutritional conditions. The human body is amazingly adaptable. Nutritional agnostic.

Explore what works…….rather than trying to be right! Become a nutritional agnostic.

ALL good plans encourage you to raise your awareness, focus on food quality (whole unprocessed and nutrient dense), control appetite and food intake, and promote regular exercise,

Long-term nutrition habits trump diet plans and “rules”. Always.

Let me listen to your needs. What you want to accomplish. How you live. What’s really important to you. Then let me help you create the right dietary approach for you; one that’s specific to your goals and your lifestyle.

Because that’s what coaching really is.

I am a holistic lifestyle coach who can help you LOOK, FEEL, and LIVE BETTER, in the long run.

A big part of that, of course, is eating better!

Nutritional consulting can help you achieve health and vitality!

You gain long term health through physical activity and proper nutrition!

Feeling confused, frustrated or disappointed that your efforts have not gotten you RESULTS?

Millions of us who start diets that fail feel these emotions each year.

People ask me, “WHY DO DIETS FAIL?”

There are four reasons why diets fail.

Problem #1: They are used as a quick fix. Dieters often drastically reduce calories or food choices in the short term but return to old habits once they reach their goal.

SOLUTION: Permanent lifestyle changes are needed to achieve sustained weight loss.

Problem #2: The use of fad diets. Fad diets always equal UNBALANCED nutrition. Often these diets focus on specific types of food and lead to nutritional imbalances.

SOLUTION: For optimal nutrition, our bodies need a balanced variety of nutrients and the right types of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Problem #3: High-glycemic overload. Eating high-glycemic foods sabotages fat loss efforts because they disturb the balance of your blood sugar levels and feelings of hunger.

SOLUTION: Using a better approach focusing on low-glycemic carbohydrates, which moderate your blood sugar levels leaving you feeling satisfied and full.

Problem #4: Counting calories. The downside of counting calories is that people start thinking of exercise as a means to “gain calories” rather than as a healthy activity they enjoy. By turning a hike or bike ride into a number to be entered into an equation, we minimize the importance of exercising for enjoyment, which should be the primary focus of exercise.

SOLUTION: Understanding the role calories play, but more importantly understanding that you can’t “out exercise” a poor diet.

You CAN SUCCEED in your fat loss efforts and optimize your health when you avoid these pitfalls! Begin a new healthy lifestyle NOW.

Are you ready for a real, sustainable change?

Are you willing to commit to making change happen?


Your initial 60-75 minute consultation includes:

  • Discussion of your current health and lifestyle goals
  • Assessment so I can better understand your social, medical, emotional, and physical status
  • Gathering details of your health history
  • A targeted and personalized food/lifestyle plan to help you reach your goals
  • Consultation via Skype is possible


  • Initial consultation and personalized program design – $200
  • Ongoing monthly programming and coaching – $179

Let established fitness and nutrition specialist Shelli Stein customize a comprehensive program just for you! Developing a clear concise program helps you achieve optimum results!

Get started with an email for more information.

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