Travel Hacking: How to Earn Free Flights and Free Hotel Stays


how to travel the world for free book

In this program, you will discover:


  • Why it’s literally “raining” FREE travel once you know where to look
  • The exact system to use to get up to $10,000 worth of FREE travel every year. At the very least, you’ll get at least $500 in free travel if you only take one or two of the basic steps.
  • What your most valuable asset is when it comes to getting FREE travel from airline and hotel companies
  • Complete step-by-step explanations of how to travel the world for free. The guide you’ll always be glad you had from the start and the guide you’ll be using for years to come.
  • On the occasions you do have to pay for travel, discover three simple ways to cut your hotel and flight costs by at least 40%
  • How to always sit back and relax in the private lounges at the airport on your next flights.
  • EXACTLY what to do when booking a car, hotel room, or flight. Not doing these steps will cost you money.
  • How to get upgraded to first class or business class without spending extra money.


“Who Else Wants a Travel-Rich Lifestyle Without Needing to Be Rich?”


Dear Travel Dreamer,

Imagine the following trip. You’re going to Hong Kong, one of the most exciting cities in the world, and then spending a week in Bali.

You spend the night before your flight at the Hyatt, or Marriott, or Hilton near LAX, where nights normally go for $175 to $219.

Your cost for the night?

Zero. Nada.


But wait, it gets better.


The next day, you’re fresh and ready to board your long Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong.





With your First Class ticket you’re actually looking forward to the airport experience because you know you’ll be avoiding all those check-in and clearing security hassles. Priority lines for check-in. Obviously, no fees for checked bags.You even want to get to the airport early!

Even if you have flown a U.S. carrier in first class, once you start flying international carriers in business or first class you’ll be amazed and delighted by the difference in service.

When you travel in business/first class you arrive at your destination feeling rested, fresh from having a relaxing experience, well fed and pampered.

You’re given passes to the airline lounges!

The lounge in Hong Kong for Cathay Pacific is INCREDIBLE. To your surprise, there are even private showers!



In the lounge you can catch up on some emails, or have something to eat or drink (it’s unlimited), watch some TV, or read.

You can just relax in the comfortable seats, away from the chaos of the rest of the airport, knowing your flight and name will be called for boarding.


Welcome to Your Cozy Retreat


Because you have a first class ticket, you have priority boarding and early access to the plane.

You actually board through a separate door from economy and actually never even see anyone from economy class..

Cathay Pacific calls their seats and traveler space a “cozy retreat” and you begin to understand why.



Being able to adjust your seat anyway you like, especially for a 15-hour flight, is wonderful and keeps you VERY comfortable.

Waiting for you in your Cozy Retreat are pillows and a real blanket. You also receive Bose noise-reducing head phones to use during your flight. You know, the ones that cost $300!

Your incredible entertainment center keeps you busy. The screen is full-sized, maybe the size of two MacBooks, and the choices for entertainment are endless.


Let’s talk about the service and food


After boarding the plane the head purser comes around, greets you by name, shakes your hand, and introduces himself.

One thing you’ll really enjoy is the high passenger to flight attendant ratio. Service is leisurely and the crew has plenty of time to talk with you.

On the menu there are plenty of dining options. Your meal is presented beautifully. It’s like first class service in a fancy restaurant.

Real plates, real glasses, real silverware. No request is too small, and their goal is for you to have the most positive experience possible while in their care.

How much would a flight like this normally cost you? We just checked and here’s the real cost of this flight:



But instead of paying $14,961, you pay only $408.23 for taxes and fees for your Cathay Pacific flight.


Now Your Hotel…


You’re in Hong Kong.

You arrive after 15 hours on a plane feeling well-rested, well-fed, pampered and ready to start your vacation.

Your hotel is simply called, the W. And it’s one of the highest-end hotels in the world.



The W is known for its Bliss Spa and Bliss Spa products, which you get in your room.

It’s also known to be hip, with modern decor and you really love the energy.



When you arrive, you immediately get upgraded to one of the better rooms they have available. This is your room.



The room is huge, with a wonderful lounging area with a couch by the window for watching sunsets over Hong Kong harbour.

A room like this normally goes for $600.

What is your cost? Zero!

And the best thing is that you’re there for a week to enjoy it.

When you check out, they hand you a bill for $23 USD, which was for a meal you had in your room!

The $23 bill you received is a SMALL price to pay for the most wonderful hotel experience ever.

It’s the perfect place to come home to every night after a day of running around Hong Kong seeing sites.



Going to Bali

After spending an amazing week in Hong Kong in one of the best hotels in the world, you get to go to Bali!

Again you get to fly first class. Your cost: Already included in your ticket to Hong Kong…


This May Be Your Dream Vacation, But It Was a Real Vacation My Friend Shelli Received


I’ve been telling you about a dream vacation, but actually this was the REAL vacation that my friend Shelli enjoyed.

Shelli is my long-time friend from California, who makes a living as a travel blogger and health and fitness coach.



When she told me about her trip, I could not believe how great everything sounded.

It all sounded like a dream vacation, and definitely not one I could afford! And I could not believe when Shelli told me how little she paid for it.

I considered myself well traveled, and yet I would never fly business class, because it was simply too expensive. I’d stay in the cheapest hotels to save money.

But not my friend Shelli!



Shelli told me that her entire trip, including the business class flight to Hong Kong, cost her a few hundred dollars.

“What do you mean exactly, a few hundred dollars?”

“Well Frederic,” she answered, “I only had to pay about $400 in taxes for the flight that would normally cost $15,000.”

When she told me about the luxury hotel in Hong Kong, I got jealous. “How much did you pay for that?”

“That one didn’t cost me anything. Not a penny. Except one night I ordered room service, so I had to pay $23 when I checked out.”

“And what about Bali, where did you stay?”

“I stayed in an authentic Balinese villa. I hired private drivers, got to see all the sites, and go wherever I wanted.”

“And how much did you pay for that?” I asked.

“Bali is so inexpensive that I paid for the villa myself. I paid $80 a night for the villa. That’s because my biggest cost was the airfare and the hotel in Hong Kong, which was already covered.”

At this point I had to beg her and bribe her to tell me how this was possible.

Then she told me she had a system that she’d been using for a few years to travel in first class for free or nearly free.

“Do you use frequent flyer miles?”

“That’s only part of my system Fred, but it goes WAY WAY beyond that!”


My Friend Shelli Travels the World for Free Like This Once or Twice a Year!


I love traveling. I’ve been to over 30 countries, and I LOVE to travel. I’ve probably fulfilled every single travel fantasy I had as a kid, from going to Iceland to visiting Tahiti. But……



Before Shelli told me about her incredible travel stories, I thought I had a pretty good system to get maybe $2000 in free travel.

But I would never fly in business class, and I would never stay in expensive hotels. And I paid for almost all of my trips in cash.

But when I heard about Shelli’s most recent trip to Hong Kong and Bali, I knew I needed to master the same system she uses to get free travel. I knew once I learned her secrets, I’d never go back to paying for my dream trips with cash or traveling in economy, and neither will you.

In fact, I have to cringe when I look back on the past few years and all the money it cost me to travel. It makes me want to scream, now that I know I could have done a lot of that travel for free or much less than what I paid for it.

I’m determined to never make the same mistakes again, and I don’t want YOU to make these mistakes, either…


How to Get Big Companies to Give You Thousands of Dollars of FREE Travel Every Year


What Shelli showed me was a universe of FREE or nearly free travel I wasn’t even aware existed.

Turns out that she had figured out the system that companies use to get our loyalty, and was racking up an incredible amount of free travel privileges.

This was something that everyone could do, YES EVERYONE !

Yet very few people are doing it, and those that are make big mistakes.

You could literally travel in style, at least once every year, and treat yourself to an amazing vacation at almost zero cost.


About Shelli

Shelli’s students and readers attest to the fact that she’s one of the best and most knowledgeable persons they know when it comes to traveling the world for pennies on the dollar.

Her knowledge of travel hacking is unparalleled, and as a travel blogger she loves sharing how she travels the world so that others can benefit, too.

Making the most of your travel dreams is so important to the quality of your life. You should only purchase a program from an expert.

If your travel goals have been on the back burner for too long, you should pay attention to this program. It’s never too late!

Shelli, relaxing outside her villa in Bali, has helped thousands of travelers travel more for less. Now she wants to help you!

99% of People Are Clueless About This Secret Way to Travel the World for FREE in Comfort and Style… the Other 1% Are Envied!


Would you rather fly in first class, with more than enough room for your legs, a private suite, incredible delicious food, space to sleep on a private lie- flat bed with pillows and blankets, and impeccable first class service, or fly with the herd in economy class?

Would you rather wait in the airport private lounges, enjoying a quiet environment, free food, private bathrooms and even showers while waiting for your flight, or wait in the noisy and crowded main terminal, where a banana will cost you $1.50?

Would you rather stay in a beautiful hotel and enjoy some real pampering, or stay at a second rate motel just because it’s cheaper?

If the trip is free or nearly free… why not treat yourself to something unique? Something incredible.

Something you’ve been dreaming about your whole life!

When you hear that someone you know is traveling in style, you think that person must automatically be a millionaire, right?

Sometimes that’s the case, but sometimes they might know what Shelli knows about getting loads of free travel every year.


Wouldn’t You Want to Take Your Family to Hawaii for Free if You Found a Way to Do It?


Maybe your travel fantasy is to take your family to Hawaii for a week. Your kids are in the ocean having fun, and maybe your in-laws are there too. Because you didn’t spend money on airfare, hotel or car rentals, you can spend more instead on seeing the sites, helicopter tours, scuba diving lessons, or dining out in famous restaurants.

Or maybe your dream is to travel to Europe in business or first class.

Maybe it’s to wander the streets of Paris with no particular goal in mind, feeling like a local.

Hold that goal in mind!

Because if you give us a chance, we will SHOW you exactly how you can reach it sooner than you think. Much sooner!

In fact, we’re so convinced that it will work for you that we’re willing to bet our reputation on it! And we want you to take us up on this bet!


This is What We Call Free Traveling!



If we could show you how to stay at an overwater bungalow in Tahiti for free, wouldn’t you be interested?

If we showed you how you could upgrade to first class on your next flight, wouldn’t you be interested?

If we could show you how to make your dream vacation come true, and how to create a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience at a fraction of its cost, wouldn’t you be interested??

Shelli’s Next Trip

My friend Shelli Stein is the expert in Free Traveling. She taught me everything as her protégé, and now I’ve teamed up with her to reveal this system to you.

Shelli’s next trip is scheduled for October.

She’ll be traveling with United Airlines and SWISS Air.

All the way from Hawaii to San Francisco, and then to New York City, on to Switzerland with Swiss Air back home.

She’s doing it of course in business class.

The cost of this flight would normally cost about $8,000 normally.

Her cost: $120.67 taxes and fees


Travel Hacking: How to Earn Free Flights and Free Hotel Stays


how to travel the world for free book


In this program, you will discover:


  • Why it’s literally “raining” FREE travel once you know where to look
  • The exact system to use to get up to $10,000 worth of FREE travel every year. At the very least, you’ll get at least $500 in free travel if you only take one or two of the basic steps.
  • What your most valuable asset is when it comes to getting FREE travel from airline and hotel companies
  • Complete step-by-step explanations of how to travel the world for free. The guide you’ll always be glad you had from the start and the guide you’ll be using for years to come.
  • On the occasions you do have to pay for travel, discover three simple ways to cut your hotel and flight costs by at least 40%
  • How to always sit back and relax in the private lounges at the airport on your next flights.
  • EXACTLY what to do when booking a car, hotel room, or flight. Not doing these steps will cost you money.
  • How to get upgraded to first class or business class without spending extra money.


5 Clear Benefits From Following This System


  • Not worrying if you don’t have the money to travel. If money is what’s stopping you from traveling, once you understand and apply the information in our program, you’ll never need to worry again about whether you’ll have the money to travel. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be flying every month to Europe in first class, but using our techniques, you should be able to get at least one free trip every year.
  • You’ll go from “wish” to “reality”. By following our insider tips, tricks, and tweaks, you can dramatically change yourself from an I WISH I COULD TRAVEL MORE person to someone who is actually taking your dream vacations.
  • It will be easy. We’re not asking you to spend more money or to change anything major, but just play a new game that’s easy, fast, and simple.
  • We will take the confusion OUT of the process. Our clear step-by-step explanations will tell you exactly what to do! These shortcuts allow you to SAVE time and money so that you have MORE time and money for traveling the world.
  • You will create TRUE dream experiences. Our goal is not to help you save $200 on your next flight, or get a free flight to Las Vegas. We want you to be able to realize your TRUE dream travel fantasy, whatever that may be.

Are you ready to live your dreams, or do you have another excuse?


Everyone has travel goals on their bucket list, right? We want to show you how to move your travel goals off your bucket list for pennies instead of dollars.

But we also know what you might be thinking. Does any of the following sound familiar?

1) It sounds too good to be true

I, Frederic, had a hard time believing it myself when I heard how much free travel Shelli was doing, but once I started learning her system, everything became very obvious.

The truth is that companies are willing to fight to get YOUR business. One of the ways they do this is by giving you free travel. If you can take advantage of their system, you CAN win. Companies wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t profitable for them. They’re trying to win your loyalty, and all you have to do is understand their game and play it according to the rules!

But I don’t want you to believe me.

I want you to give this course a try. If you don’t think it will work for you, just get your money back.

2) I don’t have anyone to travel with

Don’t let that stop you! There’s nothing more fun than traveling alone sometimes. You could be wandering the streets of Paris, or see one of the wonders of the world you’ve always wanted to see.

Are you really going to let that stop you? Believe me, when you understand how this system works, people will line up and hope you choose them to travel with you on your next trip…..for free or nearly free!

3) This can’t work for me. I have a big family

This course is about having a dream or a goal and finding a way to reach it using the system for free traveling. Maybe your goal is to travel to Europe in business class. Or maybe your goal is simply to take your family to Disneyland.

ALL travel goals are PERFECT because you get to create them!

Each goal is worth striving for, and we’re not going to teach you to live OUR dreams. If you have a family, this system will work perfectly for you too!

4) I don’t have the time to “travel the world.” Is it worth it if I only take one trip a year?

Of course! In general, using our system, you’ll be able to get ONE free trip per year, depending on your personal circumstances. However, it’s going to be one heck of a vacation, we guarantee it!

Who This Course is For


Let’s not kid ourselves. This course is NOT a magic bullet that will suddenly and immediately rain money upon you!

We want to be totally honest with you. Here’s what you can and cannot expect from this program:

  • This course is optimized for US and Canadian residents. If you live in another country, some of our techniques may still apply. But in general, this works best if you live in Canada or the United States. Residents of European countries, Australia and New Zealand may also find a lot of great strategies, but if you live in another country, this may not work for you.
  • This course is for people who have nothing against being pampered and flying first class. If you think that flying first class is just for the rich, or you have something morally against it, then maybe this course isn’t for you. If you don’t like being pampered once in a while and experience TRUE luxury, then you shouldn’t really look into this method.
  • This course is for people looking for different vacations every year. Some people just like what they know. Every year they take the same vacation to Mexico or Florida. Maybe that’s you, and you’re happy with that. Although our system will help you slash the costs of that vacation significantly, the course may not work for you if you only want to go to the same place all the time.
  • This course will take one hour of your time. Someone said that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” And that’s true. Although we’re going to show you how to get free travel, you’re still going to have to at least listen to the main part of the course (1 hour) and take the necessary steps (a few hours). Are you willing to trade a couple hours of your time in exchange for years of free traveling privileges? If not, then this course may not be for you.

What’s Included in the Program

As soon as you order this product, you’ll IMMEDIATELY get the download link and be able to start learning these amazing techniques for getting free travel.

Within minutes, you’ll get access to the download page where you will find:

Module 1 * The 10-Step System — The basic system contains 10 essential steps you need to take. This is all explained in a 1-hour audio presentation.

All you need to do is to listen to the presentation and you’ll understand our 10-step system and be able to put it in practice.

Module 2 * Advanced Techniques — We also have created another 1-hour presentation containing over 12 advanced techniques. Some of these techniques are really powerful and can accelerate how fast you reach your free travel goals. But this section should only be listened to once you’ve listened to the basic 10-Step System audio presentation.

Tutorial Videos — To make it easier to follow, we have created a series of tutorial videos showing you exactly how the system works!

Is This Course About Getting Frequent Flyer Miles?

You may already know that every time you fly with an airline, you can get frequent flyer miles and overtime, you’ll be able to get a trip for free.

Is this what this course is about?

Absolutely not! Although we’ll be using miles and points in our strategy, you don’t have to pay for traveling at all if you don’t want to. You never have to accumulate frequent flyer miles by flying in order for this system to work!

Even if you NEVER fly regularly with an airline, you can still get free hotel rooms and nearly free flights using this system.

Would You Spend $97 $27 if You Could Get In Return Thousands of Dollars in Free Travel? And What If It Could be 100% Guaranteed?

The information and techniques we present in this program are not easy to come across anywhere else.

You’ll learn from an expert who has DONE it, and also from a student (myself) who’s well on his way to master the system too.

Using our system, you’ll be able to get anywhere from $500 to $10,000 in free travel every year.

And for that we’re going to charge $97.

$97, to get thousands of dollars in free travel.

NOTE: During the launch, the price will be $27 for a limited time.

Also Get These 3 Incredible Bonuses Just for Giving This Program a Try

Because we are launching this program for the first time, we are offering two amazing bonuses that are exclusive to the launch. After that, these bonuses will no longer be available and will be sold separately.

Seven Amazing Cheat Sheets, With Everything You Need — $27 value

We’ve summarized everything in a series of seven handy “cheatsheets” that you can print out and refer to at your leisure. That way, you can simply implement the steps laid out in the cheatsheets, without having to go back to the audio presentation.

How to Slash Up to 70% on Your Car Rental Cost — $47 value

In this bonus video, you will discover an amazing technique to slash up to 70% on your next car rental.

How would you like to pay only $13 a day for your next car rental? We’ll show you how!

This is a one time bonus that will not be offered again.

How to Move to a Tropical Paradise — $35 value

Have you ever thought about moving to a tropical paradise (and who hasn’t from time to time)? This 8 lesson exclusive bonus, from someone who made his tropical paradise dream come true, will give you all the insider information you need.

I’m so confident that the program “Travel Hacking: How to Earn Free Flights and Free Hotel Stays” is the very best program on the subject you’ll ever come across that I do not hesitate to offer you this powerful guarantee:



60 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

For 60 days (starting from the date of purchase) go through the material in the program and start to learn all our travel secrets.

If at the end of that period, you want to return it for any reason just contact my staff here, and we’ll refund you 100% of your money.

We offer you this guarantee with confidence. If you have any questions, contact our staff here.



Order “Travel Hacking: How to Earn Free Flights and Free Hotel Stays”

how to travel the world for free book
You will receive:

  • Instant Access to the The 10-Step System for Traveling for Free (1-hour MP3 audio)
  • Instant Access to the Advanced Techniques 1-hour audio
  • Instant Access to the Tutorials videos (streaming format and downloads for Macs and PCs)
  • BONUS: Instant access to the Cheatsheets in PDF format
  • BONUS: How to Slash Your Car Rental Costs by 70%
  • BONUS: How to Move to a Tropical Paradise


$27 for a limited time

(After the launch, the price will be raised to $97 so order soon to get the discount!)

Protected by an unconditional 100% 60-day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s to Traveling More for Less,


Shelli and Frederic


PS: Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this product a try. You are protected by an UNCONDITIONAL 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

PPS: The time-limited bonuses offered during the launch WILL be removed as soon as the launch period is over. Order now to get the best deal!