My website is for people looking for effective and efficient ways to improve their well-being, create habits that work for them rather than against them, pursue personal development, and learn about aging well and making sure their brain span matches their lifespan. In other words, focusing on what’s important in life.


People call me the “attention whisperer” for what matters in life!


Do you feel de-aging is possible and that we can keep getting younger? I do, and here’s why.


Through a combination of nutrition, lifestyle choices, a supportive community, and a mind-set that seeks the positive while accepting the negative with humor and humility, we can all enjoy a full, vibrant life for as many years as we have on the earth.


We can:


  • Live as robustly as possible
  • Feel engaged, intentional, emboldened
  • Live long, Live healthy, Live happy
  • Stay active, stay outside, stay connected with real people


That sounds wonderful, right?


Are you looking for ideas and inspiration regarding a holistic and healthy lifestyle? Then you’ll enjoy what offers!


Are you looking to travel more for less? As both an intrepid traveler and travel writer, I offer you ideas and inspiration to realize your travel dreams!


Why I Started


The original idea for came out of a need to solve my own problems. I had sports injuries that left my shoulders in bad condition and I was in constant pain. I could hardly put my arms behind my body. In my 30s and early 40s I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet. But way too many starchy carbohydrates left me overweight and sluggish.


I knew moving into my 40s it was NOW time to meet the challenge and get back my own well-being. That meant taking a deep look at what mattered to me and putting my attention there. Using holistic health practices, understanding how to make healthy habits stick, and enjoying the ride as I focused on my personal development.


My Journey


To share my experience and knowledge, as well as my own never-ending personal development journey, I write a blog, newsletter, free and paid books/ebooks all designed towards the goal of meeting people where they are in creating a healthy and meaningful life, and then helping them get to the next step.


I have taught countless classes and workshops, been a featured speaker at REI, contribute numerous articles to blogs besides my own, and have worked extensively with chiropractors, physical therapists, and bodyworkers. I use an interdisciplinary approach in all my teaching and coaching.


Over the years I’ve also added a Neural-Z based foundation to my teaching/coaching because all movement starts in the brain, and brain-based training is the future!


My approach to creating well-being and a healthy lifestyle leads to personalized solutions based on each individual’s goals because there is no one-size-fits-all! It’s fun helping people improve in the ways that matter to them!


My evolution from being an active athletic child to becoming a personal development and movement educator, coach, and writer has been filled with years of studying and learning. I bring people 25+ years of experience both as a multisport athlete and as a professional in the health and wellness field.


I continually ask myself how I can continue “blooming”. As a lifelong learner who walks her talk, I am always studying and practicing in my own life so I can bring new and exciting ideas to my audience.


Over time, I’ve come to see reaching out to people as a teacher, coach and writer as a way to make a difference in people’s lives as well as a way to explore, learn and enrich my own. It’s become my life’s path. I enjoy connecting and sharing my knowledge, resources, time and energy in a continual effort to provide value to others.


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