personal training 3When You’re Looking to Improve Your Health and Change Your Body Composition It Is Important to Know What a Well-Designed Personal Program Can Do for You!

Anything you’ve accomplished in your life undoubtedly came via a plan. Being without a plan is like being lost in the woods without a compass or a map.

In designing a plan or program, there needs to be a balance between exercise, nutrition, and life. In other words, plans that work in the real world.

A personalized programs can be written for general health and well-being, specific performance goals, or changes in body composition. Your health and fitness goals all require proper planning and execution. We begin at the end, envisioning and establishing a definition of success.

Sometimes you need to find new tools and sometimes become more skilled with the tools you already own. As your coach, I help you apply training, health, and fitness concepts properly. I help you make the best of what you’ve got. Some of the many things you’ll gain from working with me are:

  • Nutritional guidance and analysis
  • Body composition goals
  • Working cross-training into your schedule properly and effectively
  • Proper strength and conditioning programming
  • Mobility and Yoga training protocols
  • Goal development for upcoming events

Everyone should train like an athlete! We are all athletes, and movement is our sport.

My philosophy is that you need to become a better athlete before you can become a better “sport-specific” athlete.

That is why working with a trainer and becoming movement efficient in a general sense is so important. Everything in the body is inter-related and connected. This needs to be addressed when working with a coach and putting together a program.

personal trainingMy coaching is guided by my personal experience and desire to assist others in developing and maintaining a healthy approach to life-long fitness.

When we train our bodies to work efficiently, and take care of our diets and lifestyles, we will be rewarded with a body that performs at a high level.

I bring a unique ability and working knowledge to my clients. My attention to injury-prevention begins with a professionally trained approach to the body’s proper movement, training, nutrition, and recovery.

My number one priority is to educate and motivate you in ways that enable you to get more fit and make you better prepared to reach your goals.

My coaching is very personal. I care about my clients as people first, competitors second, and I place your health above all else. If you are willing to do what it takes, are in search of a coach who loves her work and who knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to be, then I am the coach for you.


No one can go back and make a brand new start. However, everyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Are you ready to stand up and say YES, this new level of health and fitness is what I want and I want to find out what I need to do in order to attain it? Make the choice to go for it! It’s about you and your goals. What those who have gained health and fitness realize early on is that they need the expertise of a professional in their corner.

personal training 2“I did personal training with Shelli for the past 3 months.  That’s all I needed to get the results I wanted.  We communicated though emails only.  I wasn’t sure how that would work out in the beginning, but it turned out to work just fine.  Having an email coach is actually pretty great.  I can email  Shelli  at anytime of the day, attach photos, and also website links.  She replies regularly and clearly.  Shelli has knowledge and experience that has greatly helped me eat and exercise better.  I always looked forward to her emails and words of wisdom and encouragement.  I highly recommend Shelli to anyone looking for guidance in eating and exercising better!”

-Wayne , San Francisco Bay Area, California


I hope I have gotten your attention, done a good job of explaining the benefits of a professional coach, and created a desire. This is a call to action. If you’re still not sure what working with a trainer and coach will do for you, here’s 10 Reasons to Hire A Coach.


My Philosophy of Personal Training/Coaching: Health and Fitness Through Expert Guidance.

What are your plans and intentions for living a healthy lifestyle? If you are not as healthy as you would like to be, if you are not enjoying your life as much as you want, and you are tired of struggling to get lean, and reach your competitive goals, then you are ready for coaching.

As someone who has first “been there, done that” with her own body, and further as a coach who has helped others do the same over the last 20 years, I’ve found that true, lasting transformations are built upon 4 factors:

  1. Optimal Training
  2. Sound Nutrition
  3. Winners Mindset
  4. Ongoing Support

Along with these four factors, I provide what you need to help make a healthy lifestyle change: knowledge, guidance, accountability and motivation.

Once you are ready to take action, you first have to understand what’s holding you back and then how to eliminate it. Most people cannot do this entirely on their own. That is why teachers, coaches, and mentors are so important.

A program should be well-rounded and address everything: movement preparation, flexibility work, injury prevention work, core work, cardio work, strength training, recovery/regeneration.


Results happen by design, not coincidence. We all want the best results in the least amount of time. That’s where a coach comes in.

Helping people enjoy the fruits of an active lifestyle has been my passion. Don’t get sport specific—get generally athletic. We are all athletes and our sport is movement! This is a message I love sharing and I want you to be healthy and vibrant too!


personal training 4WHAT CAN MY COACHING DO FOR YOU?

Are you looking to get serious about your health, take your training and nutrition to a new level, or obtain a competitive edge in your sport?

Do you feel that you could be achieving greater results from your training with the guidance of a personal professionally designed program?

Are your nutritional habits holding you back from experiencing optimal progress in the gym?

Regardless of your goal—whether you are looking to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, improve athletic performance, increase energy, and/or decrease stress—the individualized program design I offer through my professional coaching services will assist you in unleashing and achieving your full potential.

I see myself as a conduit in guiding you to live a fit and healthy life. Remember, you can always improve your health, fitness and level of performance!

Everyone wants to get in great shape, but not everyone knows how to get there. Why not get some coaching from someone with over 20 years experience working as a health and fitness professional?

Every training and nutrition program I design is completely individualized and based upon you as a unique individual—your goals, your body, your training history, your strengths and weaknesses, your needs.


Helping YOU reach YOUR goals of becoming healthy and fit is how I define my professional success so………

Why Choose Me?

One major difference with my coaching vs. another trainer’s approach is that I fit the program to the client, while most trainers try to fit the client to the program. The result is that often it’s not the client who fails the program, rather the program fails the client.

My approach to client goal setting and achievement is as different as the people I train. I use the Z-Health based 9S paradigm, always putting the athlete at the center.

In taking this first “what’s different about me” point one step further, I get my clients moving as healthy as possible when we start working together. Let’s face it, doing A LOT of something you’re not doing well in the first place due to an injury or movement restrictions is not a smart idea.

If we address HOW you move and correct movement inefficiencies, I’ll get you to your goals FASTER! So you need to get movement healthy first……then the sky’s the limit! Putting it another way:


It’s important to do things RIGHT before even considering doing them A LOT.

Improving your health requires attention to detail. The various components of your program – strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition – must complement one another for optimal results. With my coaching, the goal is to fine tune and customize each aspect of your program so that you get the best results in the shortest time possible.

“How can you coach me long distance?”

I get this question often, and I’m glad clients ask me.

The important thing when seeking coaching is not always proximity but EXPERTISE.

Just because someone may be in your own backyard should not be your only consideration for putting your trust in them. Check out their resume and their level of expertise.

With proper client feedback, I can ascertain how a client may or may not be adapting to a training or diet program, and then will tweak as necessary.

Most clients will send digital pictures every so often, and regular feedback, so I am always involved in their day-to-day, week-to-week progress. This makes more sense than the usual “here is a diet and here is a program, get back to me in 12 weeks.”

Everyone’s neurophysiology is very different and people adapt at their own pace, not according to some weekly or 12 week schedule. That kind of thinking just illustrates how little “trainers” really understand the body and its response to exercise and diet. It is yet another way that my coaching is different.

Now I’m sure there are some reading this who just want information on what it involves (which I’ve provided), but for those who have thought it through and are ready to get the ball rolling TODAY I’ll give you a breakdown of what it costs to do distance training.

And remember: You CAN get healthy, fit and active at any age!



Nutrition and Training Program Design

Individualized Training and Nutrition Program Design with Unlimited Support ($249 USD/month; 3 month minimum*)

Fully integrated training and nutrition programming for any goal

Monitored progress reports; changes made to program based on progress (if necessary).

Email support

Unless you have a specific training regimen that you are following/must follow, this is the recommended service as it allows me to fully integrate multiple variables. This means nutrition and any supplementation are optimally scheduled around your training sessions for maximum benefit.

Once payment is made, I will be in contact with you to collect the necessary information in order to develop your program.

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Nutrition and Training Program Design $249/month (3-month minimum)

But Shelli, I don’t want a full program, I just want to get an assessment to figure out what I need to do on my own. Can you still help me out??

Absolutely. Technology is a great thing, and one of the main advances in the past decade is the ability to video conference with someone on the other side of the world live, which means I could meet with you over Skype to go through an assessment, figure out a corrective strategy that may be beneficial for you, and give some recommendations going forward. It won’t require a full program, but it’s a step in the right direction compared to self-diagnosis and trying to analyze everything yourself.

For a Skype consult, we’ll schedule a time that works best for both of us (depending on time zones), use the video conferencing feature on Skype, and go through a detailed medical history, movement assessment, and corrective strategies that may be most appropriate for what you’re looking for. I can even do technical feedback for your sports if you have the equipment handy and want some direct coaching on what to do more effectively.

That sounds awesome!! What do I have to do to get that????

Choose your Package

You just have to pay for the consult below and I’ll contact you as soon as possible and we’ll find a time to meet up through the internet.

I’ll contact you within the day at the email address you provide through the order form. You can even order multiple consults for follow-ups, checking on multiple issues or techniques, or whatever you would want to discuss in more depth and detail.

If you’re not feeling either of these options are for you, you could move to the lovely city of San Diego to train with me in person, or invite me to your hometown. I always enjoy traveling and meeting up with clients!

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Session options

Phone Consultations

60-minute Live Chat Session ($150 USD)

I will give you detailed and personalized answers to questions you might have related to your training, conditioning, or nutrition.

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Phone Consultation $150

*The three month minimum is in place to ensure that I have adequate time to work with you and assist you in achieving your goals.  By purchasing a service which requires a three month minimum, you agree to have your method of payment billed the monthly fee at the time of purchase and to have this fee reoccur for one additional monthly billing cycle.

For more information on becoming a Joyinmovement client, please contact Shelli. I will get back to you as promptly as possible.

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