Blinkist is a book summary service that helps you digest the key insights of books in 15 minutes or less. Blinkist book summaries take the critical points from best-selling non-fiction books, making them quick and easy to digest. Rather than spending hours reading hundreds of pages, you can allocate between 10 and 20 minutes reading the key insights Blinkist has put together.

Do you ever………..

  • put off reading even though you know it’s good for you (because you don’t have the time)
  • feel bad because you buy books and then don’t like them
  • feel bad because you start books but don’t finish them
  • think reading non-fiction books aren’t for you
  • look for books to read but then with so many choices you end up choosing nothing

Then Blinkist could be just what you’re looking for!

Blinkist is an app that lets you skim books and podcasts in text or audio clips. Read more about how it works, the features, and the free trial below.

What Are the Features of Blinkist?

Its main features are the Blinkist reader, which makes reading summaries easy. Blinkist also has audio versions for most of their summaries. Readers can also use highlighting and share what they learn.

Is Blinkist App Free?

Yes. It it limited, though. With the free version you can only read “the daily pick”, which is a random book summary from their over 4000 book summaries.

What is a Blink?

The Blinkist team reads books, identifies the key insights, and explains them in an easy-to-digest, 15-minute summary format. Each key insight is called a Blink.

A Blink explains a nonfiction book that takes the most important and memorable insights from the title and condenses each of them into key ideas of around 200-300 words. Each Blink has an average of 7-8 key ideas, giving you the most powerful, useful, and impactful knowledge from your book.

Blinkist User Experience

Blinkist’s design, features and interface make it easy to use. Members can explore blinks on a number of topics including Creativity, Productivity, Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, Mindfulness and Happiness, Spirituality, and many others as well.

Blinkist boasts over 3000 nonfiction titles across 27 categories. That’s a lot of good reading choices!

Blinkist helps you understand powerful ideas and the world around you through insights from the world’s best nonfiction titles.

Listen to or read the key ideas from nonfiction bestsellers in around 15 minutes with Blinks, get the main takeaways from podcasts in 15-minute listens with Blinkist Shortcasts, or dive deeper with full-length audiobooks—all in one app.

Blinkist offers both an iOS and Android app, along with a desktop (web browser) app. These allow you to both read and listen to their book summaries, browse new books, and create a library of titles.

Blinkist makes sure that the knowledge is available for everyone in any situation.

There are several ways to access your Blinkist App: via a browser-based online service, a mobile app, in audio format, or even a direct Kindle link.

How Much Does Blinkist Cost?

If you want full access to their service and all its features, you’ll need to pay for Blinkist Premium. It is available as a monthly plan for $12.99 or an annual plan for just $6.67 per month. That’s 50% off, meaning even if you just use it for six months, the annual plan is a much better deal.

Besides unlimited access to every single one of their over 4,000 titles, Blinkist Premium includes the following features:

  • Audio versions for the majority of their summaries
  • Saving your entire library offline
  • Syncing your highlights to Evernote
  • Sending your favorite summaries to your Kindle

If you’re not sure, you can sign up for a free, no-risk, 7-day trial. You’ll need to add payment data but can cancel at any time before you get charged.

Let’s face it. There’s always much to do and often too little time available for books.

Blinkist app was designed to make the best of your time. This app provides more than 3000 summaries of non-fiction books.

If you’re someone who is busy and doesn’t have time to read but still wants to know what a book is all about, you can benefit. Or you can decide whether to read the entire book after listening to the summary.

I hope this article helps you understand what Blinkist is, how it works, and whether it can help you read more and more often. If you want more information sign up for a risk-free 7-day trial.

If this summary of Blinkist was useful for you, I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link to sign up. It means I will get a commission for recommending Blinkist to you. You’ll also get 35% off. But if not, that’s okay too. In that case, you can just go to their homepage.

Thank you for checking out Blinkist. Enjoy, keep reading, and always let learning into your life!



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