Why Bioedge? All natural ingredients, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, NO SUGAR, no toxins or chemicals.

Their motto is “All Natural Never Tasted So Good” and I agree! I’m hoping you’ll recognize the quality of Bioedge and enjoy the supplements as much as I do.

I’ve been looking for a company like Bioedge for a long time. I wanted not just a superior line of products to use myself, but also supplements I could recommend with a 100% confidence that I was recommending the best ones.

I also wanted YOU to have a great team of dedicated professionals behind the creation of these supplements. Maybe I was asking for too much, but then again, why not set my standards high!

I made a trip to Canada to meet the Bioedge team and I left super impressed. And you know me, after all my years in the health, fitness, wellness world, I’m not easily impressed. Both the products and the Bioedge team have come up with an array of supplements that are awesome.

The team comes from the world of health/fitness/nutrition and their years of experience show in both their products and how they run their business. They speak my language when it comes to what’s important for our health and well-being, as well as what matters in life.

I’m thrilled to partner with them and bring you the opportunity to benefit from their supplements.

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Bioedge Supplements

Get the Shelli Stack



Shelli Stack – US

Shelli Stack – Canada

Shelli Stack was created just for you! It’s the best combo to keep you in tip-top shape. These three boost your health and fitness levels and keep your energy steady all day long. Give them a try!



Greens Complex


Greens Complex – US

Greens Complex – Canada

Finally, a greens drink that tastes like juice. The 4 key benefits of Bioedge Organic Greens: get all your daily vegetables in one delicious glass, improve your gut health, stomach bloating, and digestion, increase energy and reduce feeling lethargic, and cleanse, detox and fight stress and anxiety. I love the lemon ginger flavor!


Plant Protein


Plant Protein—Natural and Organic Vegan Protein Blend – US

Plant Protein—Natural and Organic Vegan Protein Blend – Canada

Learn about the many advantages of plant-based protein powders

Helps burn body fat so you’re lean and toned. The 4 key benefits of Bioedge Organic Protein: builds and tone and lean body, burns calories and fat, curbs cravings and suppresses your appetite, and absorbs and digests easily. When you’re looking for a plant-based protein powder, this is your go-to blend!


Protein Isolate


Protein Isolate—Natural Whey and Casein Blend – US

Protein Isolate—Natural Whey and Casein Blend – Canada

Helps build lean muscle and burn body fat. The 4 key benefits of Bioedge Protein Isolate: builds lean muscle, burns calories and fat, curbs cravings for carbs, and easy to absorb and digest. I take a protein shake every day because it helps ensure I’m getting adequate protein in my diet. I’m fond of the chocolate option 🙂


Gut Health


Gut Health – US

Gut Health – Canada

A healthy gut means no more bloating, and so much more. The 4 key benefits of Bioedge Gut Health: eliminates stomach bloating, helps you lose weight, destroys harmful bacteria, and reduces full body inflammation. Our health starts in the gut. Paying special attention to gut health pays massive dividends each and every day!


Immunity Aid


Immunity Aid – US

Immunity Aid – Canada

Boost and optimize your immune system. The 4 key benefits of Bioedge Immunity Aid: boosts your immune defenses, fights off infection, helps reduce inflammation, and helps eliminate toxins. Your immunity can always use some boosting!




Multi-Vitamin – US

Multi-Vitamin – Canada

Get all your essential vitamins and minerals. The 4 key benefits of Bioedge Immunity Multivitamin: get your most important daily vitamins, increase your energy, boost your immune defenses, and replenish all of your micronutrients. Food can’t always give us all the essential vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin is a good insurance policy!


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