Positive Habit Creation


Discover the fastest and easiest way to build good habits or break free from bad ones… even if you believe you can’t.

Habit struggles… we’ve all got them:

Anxiety and stress. Overworking. Procrastination. Emotional eating. Smoking. Anger. Distraction. Self-judgement. Shopping. Social media.

Whatever your habit struggle, change is not only possible, but it can also be easy and fun!


I’ve put all my habit change expertise into a step-by-step process for your benefit.


At this moment, you’re likely not sure if Habit Coaching is right for you. That’s fair. It’s why I’m sharing this information with you. It covers everything you need to know to decide whether to work with me or not.

I hope you’ll be inspired to come join me, your Habit Coach, and an ever-growing community of Habit Hackers interested in changing their lives for the better, one habit at a time.


It’s Just a habit… right?



It is part of you.

Working constantly.

Sneakily controlling you when you aren’t even aware of it.

Habits can sabotage you and stop you from reaching your full potential.

Bad habits ruin marriages, destroy careers, increase the risk of disease, and rob us of happiness and peace of mind.

In short…



If you learn how to install good habits – it can propel you towards the life you want and deserve.

Replacing negative habits with positive ones is the foundational key for more success in life.

Aristotle said:


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Creating positive habits that actually help you reach your goals, while avoiding those bad habits that hold you back is an important key to personal success.

There simply is nothing more foundational.



But how?

Especially if you’ve failed miserably in the past.

I’m here to help you.


I created my Habit Coaching based on my many years of coaching people just like you. People just like me. Regular folks wanting to stop wasting time on habit change that doesn’t work and putting fun and time into creating habits that add up to a healthy and happy life.

I’m a brain science geek who loves studying how people make decisions, habit formation and behavior change design. My sweet spot is figuring out how to apply behavioral science for individual success.

So, if bad habits are keeping you from achieving your goals, Habit Coaching can help you.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. I’ve distilled research from social science, positive psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and environmental design into steps that you can take to set goals and create systems and habits that make success your reality.
  2. My habit coaching provides an approach that flips the conventional thinking of “Go big or go home” on its head and provides the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to stop bad habits and build positive ones.
  3. I help you leverage the brain’s tendency for laziness to achieve your habit goals and improve your life by making any behaviors you want to do easier and any behaviors you want to discourage harder to do.


Habit Coaching is for you if:


  1. You frequently struggle with temptation, distraction, and procrastination
  2. After a committed start, you lack the willpower and motivation to change for the better
  3. You’ve tried every self-help technique, spent fortunes on programs, and you still end up back where you started


Changing bad habits is a lifetime endeavor. You can repeat the habit change process as many times as you like. Each time you do, you master a fundamental life skill – building success habits. That’s right, building successful habits is a fundamental life skill.

So what are you waiting for? Get step-by-step guidance and support to help you make lasting change… without the need for willpower!

Come join an ever-growing community of Habit Hackers interested in changing their life, one habit at a time.

If you are ready to start creating positive habits……let’s talk!

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