Are you worried because your brain doesn’t seem to be functioning as well as it used to? Do you joke about aging and having “senior moments”? You are not alone! Cognitive decline is real.

Of course, you want your BRAINspan to equal your LIFESPAN! Who doesn’t, right?

Is this possible? Yes! 

Here’s how! Leading a brain healthy lifestyle includes exercise, good nutrition, sleep, socialization, and managing stress.

When learning about brain health and brain fitness, you’ll come upon terms such as brain plasticity. Through science we’ve learned so much about what this means and why it’s such a key concept. It boils down to this: the brain is no longer thought to be static. The brain changes based on how it’s used or not used. This may not sound revolutionary to you but until fairly recently, the notion was unknown that the brain is neuroplastic and changeable.

There are three takeaways in the science of brain plasticity:

1. Use it or lose it! Across your lifespan you must be a continuous learner of new skills and abilities.

2. When it comes to brain function, there are specific exercises that can recover and sustain high neurological performance levels.

3. Brain changes associated with normal aging are REVERSIBLE! You can rejuvenate your brain. How’s that for great news?


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