Everyone is looking for the secrets to living longer. But not just living longer…….living BETTER, as well.

Good genes can only carry you so far. The rest is up to what we do day in and day out. Research done on those who live long and live healthy shows that there are some secrets, some actions, habits if you will, that you can add to your healthy lifestyle to find this fountain of youth.

You won’t be surprised to know that HOW you eat, move your body, and deal with stress are all key factors in the aging process. If aging well is an important goal of yours, let’s dig in a little deeper and see which 5 key strategies you should invest in to live the best life possible as you age.

1. Cutting calories is proven over and over again to be a key to aging well. We’re not talking about a lot of calories. Studies show that eliminating 300-500 calories a day is enough. One theory as to why this slows the aging process is that it decreases a thyroid hormone, which then slows metabolism and tissue aging.

Studies about calorie restriction done on animals suggest it has an effect on cells helping them use antioxidants, thereby avoiding the damage caused by free radicals. Also, staying lean rather than over-fat protects you from age-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

2. Flossing every day is another key to aging well. Daily flossing reduces the amount of bacteria that causes gum disease. Eliminating bacteria also keeps your arteries healthy. When oral bacteria enter your bloodstream they often trigger inflammation in arteries, which is a major risk factor in developing cardiovascular disease.

3. The amount of sleep you get each night influences your aging process. Getting at least five to six and a half hours of sleep per night can add years to your life. This is good to know since many of us can get hung up on the needing to get eight hours of sleep idea.

Sleep allows your body to regulate and heal cells. Studies show older people experience those healing REM phases in about six hours of sleep.

4. Correcting cataracts is the key to the fountain of youth that might surprise you the most, but it makes total sense. Turns out that people with cataract-related vision loss have a 40 percent higher long-term mortality risk than those who have cataract surgery to improve their sight.

This link between visual impairment and increased mortality is most likely due to the effects of poor vision on completing everyday tasks safely and properly, and maintaining good health, in general.

5. Learning to roll with the punches is another key to a long and healthy life. When you can avoid internalizing negative situations and dwelling on problems, you’ll age better. When you keep a positive attitude, have regular social interactions, and shed stress easily, you’ll feel and age better. Utilizing techniques like meditation, deep breathing, Yoga, and Tai Chi help manage stress and any depressive symptoms.

Constant emotional stress puts people at higher risk for memory loss and heart disease. Don’t wait until you’re older, though, to start managing stress. The effects of long-term stressful living accumulates and affects your quality of life at any age.

So there you have it. There ARE keys to the fountain of youth. Will they guarantee you’ll live to 100? Of course not, but I’m one for hedging my bets. How about you? How many are you currently doing?

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