Are Acai Berries Good For Your Brain?

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By now you’re thinking, “Should I believe all the marketing information about Acai berries?” Maybe you’ve even asked people who keep up on the healthiest foods what they think about Acai berries? Many people are calling it a wonder cure. No matter what ails you, or even if you’re in great health, you’re being told that Acai is your key to optimal health and longevity. But the question remains, “Are acai berries good for your brain?”

acai berries good for brain

Are Acai Berries a Superfood?

Do not believe all that you hear and read and do not be so quick to jump on the Acai berry bandwagon. Yes, even if you heard about it on Oprah! Buyer beware.

Acai berries are great, that’s not the issue. But Acai drinks and other Acai products are loaded with sugar – natural and otherwise. Remember, for optimal health and longevity we’re looking to reduce our sugar intake and regulate our sweet tooth!

Most people have a difficult time cutting back their sugar intake. The average American consumes a whopping 160 pounds per year.

A healthy human body can’t process more than 10 or 15 pounds annually.

Pretty startling fact!

What Are the Benefits to Eating Acai Berries?

Acai products are marketed as super-antioxidants. However, when it comes to antioxidant content, CINNAMON is much higher.

Cinnamon costs only pennies at your local grocery store, so Acai product marketers won’t be sharing that fact with you anytime soon.

Acai products do contain a small amount of anthocyanidins. These are natural substances that aid your cardiovascular system.

Want that substance in large amounts for pennies??? Eat a big organic salad!

See what I’m getting at here? Neither cinnamon nor anthocyanidins is a “wonder cure.”

Neither are Acai berries.

Is There Such a Thing as a Food Wonder Cure?

The “wonder cure” is abandoning any addictive habits (like consuming too much sugar) and eating a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy and whole foods. So while acai berries may be good for your brain, paying attention to proper wholesome nutrition throughout your life will serve your body and brain much better than thinking there’s a magic bullet or wonder cure!

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