How to Stop a Headache Quickly and Naturally

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It’s simple and easy to feel better every day when you use these tips. Here’s a potpourri of useful suggestions for how to stop a headache, improve your mood, and increase your energy.

Want to stop a headache in its tracks? Eat a handful of almonds.

The painkiller in aspirin is salicylates. Almonds contain them as well! Almonds also have high levels of magnesium. Magnesium reduces muscle tension, which is usually present when you have a headache. Here are some other ways to stop headaches.

feel better every day

Qigong For Increasing Your Energy

Next time you wash your hands, put some energy into rubbing your hands together while holding them under the water.

A friend of mine who’s a long time Qigong practitioner told me that flowing water releases negative ions. Negative ions are charged particles that will send your energy levels soaring. Rubbing your hands together unblocks the flow of chi (energy) to absorb that abundance of energy from the negative ions.

Yoga Improves Your Mood

For a mood boosting yoga pose, try this.

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Take five deep breaths in and out through your
nose. After the last breath in, exhale quickly through your nose in 10 short bursts. This is a form of Kapalabhati. It will help you expel negative thoughts and leave you with a burst of energy.

Chicory-Root Tea For Energy

Iron deficiency will sap your energy and alertness. It shortchanges your thyroid from getting the iron it needs, leaving you feeling tired and like you’re in a brain fog.

Try drinking chicory-root tea. It contains inulin which nourishes cells in the intestines that are responsible for iron uptake. Chicory-root tea tastes like coffee but lacks the iron-blocking caffeine found in coffee. Try drinking two cups daily and see how you feel.

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