Learn To Love Healthy Fats

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Learn to love healthy fats. It’s as simple as that. Why? Because there are so many benefits of healthy fats!

There are 3 types of fat – saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated.

Forget about that old “eating fat makes you fat” saying. I know it’s a hard one to let go of, so do yourself a favor and let it go!

healthy fats are good for you

Eating all three kinds of fat in a healthy balance (about equal parts of each) can dramatically improve your health, and even help you LOSE fat.

Your saturated fat should come from animal products. You can even toss in some butter or coconut oil for cooking.

I wrote about making ghee (a form of butter) in a Joyinmovement newsletter so you can access that at www.shellistein.com. All my newsletters are archived.

Your monounsaturated fat should come from mixed nuts, olives, and olive oil.

And your polyunsaturated fat should come from flaxseed oil, fish oil, and mixed nuts. Who doesn’t want an excuse to add more nuts to their diet?

Eat appropriate amounts of fat each day and vary your sources. Enjoy the many benefits of healthy fats!

See, it’s as easy at that!!??

If you feel stuck and need additional support to adopt a new healthy habit or routine, consider working with me. We can partner up in setting goals, drawing on your skills and strengths, and implementing strategies to help you find your way to lasting healthy success.

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