Does Using Visualization Really Work?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Visualization, or imagery, whichever word you prefer to use, is an excellent tool for accomplishing any goal. But people wonder does using visualization really work. Here Are Some Do’s and Don’ts of Visualization 1. Do create an image in your … Continued

Want Good Brain Health? Think Positively!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you have a strong, positive state of mind? Are you able to stay positive in the face of what often seems like an overwhelming negative barrage of life’s stresses? It’s not easy, is it? Cultivating and building a strong, … Continued

Use Urgency To Achieve Your Goals!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Listen up! I have an urgent message. I’ve noticed there’s one thing that all people who are successful at creating abundant health have in common. A sense of urgency. They use urgency to achieve goals! Why Does A Sense Of … Continued

Dancing To Movie Music Is Great Fun!

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week I have a fun article for you. I may be dating myself a bit, but so what! Dancing to movie music is just good ol’ fun! And dancing for exercise can’t be beat 🙂 So going along with … Continued

3 Ways Blinkist Helps Me Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m wondering if you’ll agree with me or not when I say that you can’t manage time. But you CAN craft it so that you have a better relationship with time going forward. Understanding the difference between managing and crafting … Continued

Did You Know Your Mind Is An Exercise Tool?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve been noticing that more and more gizmos, online tools and fitness books are coming on the market to help people exercise and get fitness results. However, you’d get a huge bang for the buck (actually forget the bucks), if … Continued

16 Ways to Be More Successful in Life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Success leaves clues. You’ve probably already noticed that. I thought I’d share these 16 tips for greater success. There are clues and action steps you can take. Some do’s and don’ts of success, you might say. Use them and make … Continued

10 Tips For Living With Less Stress

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you use the words stress and overwhelm when someone asks,”How’s it going?” Do you feel like there are times when your life is OUT of balance? Finding stress relief tips is so important to your health and well-being. To … Continued

How to Use Your Brain-Based Supergirl Powers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ready to come on a Supergirl journey with me? Forget Superman, we’re Superwomen! Your brain: that’s what’s going to turn on your Supergirl powers. It’s all about why your self-talk matters. Shelli, what are you talking about and how’s your … Continued

How We Spend Our Time Determines Our Destiny

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve been thinking about the choices we all make and how they determine our destiny. One of the main choices we make, and maybe the most important one, is how we spend our time. How we use time management determines … Continued

How to Get More Energy Anytime and Anywhere

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wouldn’t you love to have energy on demand? Particularly in winter time when we often lack both physical and mental energy? It’s simple to boost your energy when you know how. Four Tips to Boost Your Energy Here are four … Continued

Simple, Inspiring Quotes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Want to be SIMPLY inspired?? I know I’m always up for some inspiration, so the other day I went looking for some great quotes. See what you think of these inspiring quotes! Inspiring Quotes “We cannot direct the wind, but … Continued

How Road Trips Can Be Habit Forming!

Reading Time: 3 minutes The traffic lights got me thinking! As I drove during a recent car-trip holiday, there were just a few traffic lights along a rural two-lane, tree-lined route. You could see the lights hanging far in the distance, and there weren’t … Continued

Goal Setting Made Easy

Reading Time: 3 minutes How’s the year been for you so far? Is it off to a great start? You have all these things you want to accomplish in the New Year, right? You’re done setting goals. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Eat better or … Continued

How Do You SEE The World?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you think you see the world through your eyes or through your brain? Most people might answer through your eyes, but that’s not correct. You don’t see the world through your eyes. You’re actually seeing through your brain. What … Continued

Why All The Hype About Cold Showers?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you heard about how cold showers, and actually cold exposure in general, can be good for your health? This topic floats in and out of the media. In recent years, cold body therapy has gained serious popularity, because it … Continued

7 Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you struggle to maintain weight loss long-term? It’s not easy to maintain a healthy weight. While fad-diets might help you drop pounds, keeping weight off is challenging. Research shows that 95% of dieters regain lost weight within one to … Continued

How to Declutter Your Home: Most Popular 7 Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes Close your eyes and imagine the area around you in its most inviting and peaceful state. Maybe the lights are slightly dimmer or there’s some nice music playing. What does it smell like? Are you there alone or are others … Continued

How to Get the Most Benefits From Meditation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Marie Kondo may help you get your spring cleaning done and organized, but today we’re talking about a different kind of deep cleaning. We’re talking about a deep clean for your brain! When it come to decluttering your brain, nothing … Continued

Fear: My Humorous and Thoughtful Take On It!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Warning: this article contains a humorous yet thoughtful look at overcoming fears! We hate to admit it but most of our fears are irrational. And I’ll even admit that most of my fears are irrational. On one hand, everyday life … Continued

Are You A Busy Beaver Or An Otter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was reading about the difference between otters and beavers the other day, and it got me thinking. Otters are said to be the most playful of all animals. Life for them is one frolic after another, sunbathing on a … Continued

How All-or-Nothing Thinking Affects Your Brain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you an all-or-nothing thinker? Come on, be honest. Many of us are and we don’t even realize it. I’m also guessing you don’t realize the affects of all-or-nothing thinking and how it damages your brain What is All-or-Nothing Thinking … Continued