16 Ways to Be More Successful in Life

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Success leaves clues. You’ve probably already noticed that. I thought I’d share these 16 tips for greater success. There are clues and action steps you can take. Some do’s and don’ts of success, you might say. Use them and make the rest of the year a great one!

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16 Tips for Greater Success

1. Tell the truth about where you intend to go. There is power in boldness! Declare what you stand for and put yourself on the line.

2. Do what you don’t want to do. The things we put off doing because we don’t wanna are often our biggest barriers to a more successful life. Ask the people you know who are successful if they WANT to do what they consistently do. I’m guessing they’ll verify this point for you.

3. Don’t allow emotions and thoughts to paralyze action. Thoughts and emotions are not solid physical barriers! Waiting to act until a certain feeling goes away stalls a well-planned action. I once heard someone say, “Don’t trip over mental cracks
in the sidewalk.” I like that!

4. Be willing to “pay the price.” Bigger goals come with a higher price tag. What you think is enough is rarely accurate. What is required is what counts. Then, keep “paying the price” until you get what you’re after.

5. Don’t wait for others. We often get caught waiting for others to do what you think they should do or are “supposed” to do. Plan your success so that the inertia or inaction of others won’t stop you. There’s usually someone else wanting to help you if you clear the way by letting go of those that are not onboard.

6. Be willing to be shot at. I don’t mean literally of course. Being committed can upset people. It forces them to notice what they are capable of but are unwilling to create for themselves. Dodge their bullets and keep going.

7. Don’t be content with insight. This is one of my favorites! Allow yourself no more than 24 hours to bask inactive in the pleasure of new found knowledge. Some people enjoy a great idea without ever getting it applied in the real world. Application
keeps you moving toward success.

8. Cultivate a “so what?” attitude. Feeling frustrated or sorry for yourself? We all do at times, BUT don’t keep telling yourself the same old story about how bad it all is. It doesn’t help! Just respond with “so what?” and take action.

9. Let the past die. If you don’t, this baggage gets heavier and heavier. Learn from past events and then drop them. What matters is what you learned and what you do now and in the future.

10. Don’t break your momentum. This one is huge! A start-and-stop lifestyle is one of the chief causes of burnout. I’m sure you’ve noticed this in your own life. Be particularly aware of breaking momentum.

11. Estimate effort correctly. Lately I’ve been working with this one and it’s tricky but has a big payoff when you get it right! Sometimes we frustrate ourselves unintentionally by setting unreal targets and goals to which we are not willing to
commit the required resources and effort. Commitment shows up as a willingness to expend the necessary effort. Those last two sentences have deep meaning and influence over your success, so please read them again.

12. Do what works. Doing more of what didn’t work STILL won’t work. What works gives you the result you want! Simple but not always so easy, right?

13. Get involved in life. Engage life! Say, “I’m here and I’m willing to play all out!”

14. Keep your agreements. Tell the truth and keep your integrity intact. Back up your agreements 99% of the time.

15. Confront your logic. Logic is a funny thing and sometimes our logic isn’t very logical! Results in life come from behaviors and actions. Our actions and behaviors often come from what seems reasonable and practical by way of our logic. However, often when we are NOT creating the results we seek our logic may be off. This ties in closely with #11.

16. Demand results…..and get them! Stress comes from not getting results. Not getting results over a period of time sets up a vicious cycle. We start looking for reasons to explain why not much happens for us. This gets very old, complicated, and exhausting! Getting results keep things simple.

How do results come about? Pay attention to numbers 1-15 and see if that doesn’t send your RESULTS through the roof!

Hope you’ve found these tips for greater success helpful. Have a life full of success and have fun watching for those clues!

If you feel stuck and need additional support to adopt a new healthy habit or routine, consider working with me. We can partner up in setting goals, drawing on your skills and strengths, and implementing strategies to help you find your way to lasting healthy success.

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