How To Keep Produce Fresh, Longer

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Ever wonder why one box of salad greens lasts for two weeks and another one spoils in 48 hours? I do. Here’s what the pros have to say about their tricks of the trade
to keep produce fresh, longer.

keep produce fresh

How To Keep Produce Fresh

Leafy Greens: These are first in line for the crisper drawer. It’s the coolest part of the fridge and also the most protected. Make sure your greens have elbow room, and, if you’re storing them in a plastic bag, toss in a paper towel to absorb and regulate excess moisture.

Tomatoes: Keep them where you can see them, on the counter, not in the fridge. Fresh tomatoes that get the cold treatment will lose much of their flavor AND when you return them to room temperature, their texture will change from lush to mush.

Strawberries: Not only strawberries, but any ripe berries are one of nature’s fleeting delicious treats. Because of this, buy the freshest berries you can find. Remove any that look like they are fading. Do not wash them and keep them dry until immediately
before eating them.

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Onions: Give them air! Hang onions in a basket or net bag, which promotes air circulation and helps keep them visible.

Segregate ethylene-producing fruits: Most people know that bananas should keep to themselves, but apples, avocados, and pears also produce ethylene, a gas that dramatically speeds up the ripening and ruination of any fruit or vegetable in close
proximity. There are items you can purchase like reusable bags that you can use to store fruits in that will oxidize the gas and render it harmless.

Keep produce dry: Keeping moisture where it belongs is key to produce’s longevity. Anything that breaches the outer skin of a fruit or vegetable–a bruise, a spot of rot, or a cut surface–will accelerate decay.

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