Why Lunges Are Good For You

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One question I get very often from both women and men is, “How can I firm up my backside?” They don’t always ask that question using such polite words, but that’s what they mean. I’ve met very few people who don’t want a better looking butt! The secret is in answering the question about why lunges are good for you.

how to do lunges

How To Do Lunges

Most of you are familiar with lunges. You see lots of women doing lunges, whether in gyms or on the street.

Often it’s a good idea, but unfortunately I see a lot of bad execution.

The right way to do lunges is one leg at a time.

Do not alternate between both legs or do walking lunges. It is hard on the knees, and it doesn’t take advantage of the mind/body connection that focusing on one leg at a time can give you.

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Here are some lunge tips for you:

1. Work out the muscles on the first leg with both mental and physical focus.

2. After you do one leg, do the other.

3. Rest one minute. Then do a set of 20 squats using dumbbells or just your body weight.

4. Repeat the lunge exercise, one leg at a time, then the squat. That should be plenty for most of you. You’re done!

That’s two super sets: two sets of one-legged lunges and two sets of squats. That’s it. You can do it in less than 10 minutes.

Not only is this a great exercise for your legs, but your butt will be screaming for mercy. Try this and let me know what you think!

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