Best Way to Beat Afternoon Fatigue

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Is there anything you can do about your mid-day or afternoon fatigue? If you are falling asleep around 2:00 p.m. each day, you are not alone. Many, if not most of us, go through a period of post-lunch listlessness. Knowing how to stop afternoon fatigue makes a huge difference in your day!

afternoon fatigue

When that happens, don’t try to push yourself to keep going. If you’ve tried this, you know it’s often a waste of time. You just end up spinning your wheels.

It’s often more effective to perk yourself up by taking a short nap, when you can, or going outside and getting some exercise. Stop afternoon fatigue and you’ll feel better all day long!

Afternoon Fatigue: Top 5 Ways Avoid It

Here are five things you can do to stop afternoon fatigue and keep your energy high all day:

1. Once in a while try skipping lunch, or at least skip the carbohydrates, and see how you feel. Eating lighter at lunch, and certainly keeping your starchy carbohydrate intake during lunch to a minimum, will make a difference in your energy level.

2. If you go out for lunch, keep it light, both in terms of total calories and starchy carbohydrates. Usually, that means a mixed salad with a portion of protein.

3. Make sure you’re not dehydrated. Dehydration will zap your energy. And, if it’s appropriate for you, try some caffeine around noon. A glass of iced tea or a shot of espresso does nicely.

4. Exercise helps. Many people exercise just before or after lunch. Fresh air will work wonders for your energy level, so even a short walk will help. Stretching, yoga or tai chi are good options too as they will naturally energize you.

5. Take a nap. Think of it as a mini siesta. Ten or 15 minutes is often enough to wake you up and get you going again.

Remember, there are many choices, so it’s about finding what works for you!

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