Will Exercise Help You Lose Weight?

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There was an article in Time Magazine some time ago that many people ask me about, so I thought I’d throw my two cents into the mix. It declared that “Exercise won’t make you lose weight.” It was written by John Cloud. He says he has exercised for years, has never been overweight, and therefore working out doesn’t do any good. In other words, exercise and losing weight don’t go together.

exercise and weight loss

Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight?

The same article claims that the federal government classifies two-thirds of Americans as being overweight. However, only 57% of people say they engage in regular exercise so another conclusion you can draw is that “lying” about working out isn’t very effective for weight loss either!

I’m not going to go over the article in depth. If you’ve read it, and have some comments, share them with me and I’ll pass them along.

I do however, want to use the hoopla over the article to remind you of something. It’s information I cover over and over again in these blog posts.

You can’t out-exercise poor nutritional choices. Exercise and losing weight go hand-in-hand.

It’s important to separate out exercise from nutrition, and what you’re using them for.

Cardio exercise, generally speaking, is to keep your heart and lungs and other systems healthy and fully functional. Nutrition is what you focus on for body composition changes, such as losing weight.

I’m simplifying this so that you’ll better understand how to get the results you want. Yes, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand when strategizing for optimal health. One without the other gives you sub optimal results when thinking about exercise and losing weight.

Final Thoughts

So when you’re looking at articles like this one and see a headline that reads, “Exercise won’t make you lose weight,” your response will be, “Of course not, if that’s all you’re focusing on.”

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