Four Myths About Bone Health

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Let’s take a look at four bone myths. Good to make sure you know how to take care of your body and have the best bone health possible.

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Four Bone Health Myths

1. “Milk builds bones.” False

Women with the highest calcium consumption from dairy products have more fractures than those who drink less milk. The fracture rates are much lower in countries that consume little dairy.

Fact: Mild exercise reduces the rate of falls and fractures by

Learn more about bone health myths!

2. “HRT (hormone replacement therapy) protects you from osteoporosis.” False

While low levels of estrogen are associated with the loss of bone density, it is bone QUALITY that determines the likelihood of fracture. HRT has failed to live up to its promise of building better quality bones.

3. “You have osteoporosis.” Often false.

Under the old standard, fracturing a bone after it experienced just slight stress was the best indication, but not any longer. New diagnostic techniques of bone imaging make it easier to detect osteoporosis. Don’t be talked into taking unnecessary
drugs with long term risks for a disease you don’t have.

Fact: Best protection is to get a bone density test and then use nutrition and physical activity to support your bone structure.

4. “Calcium supplements do the job.” False.

Not antacids, candy supplements or breakfast cereals that say “added calcium for strong bones.” None of them do the job. First, calcium is hard to absorb and needs to be combined with vitamin D. It also needs to be in a specific form to be effective
(calcium citrate for example). Second, calcium is just one of many vitamins and minerals your bones need for health.

Fact: For healthy bones you need to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and then PERHAPS a supplement that includes minerals such as boron, silicon and zinc.

Here’s to YOUR bone health!

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