Best Yoga Pose To Do After Exercise

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After exercise, Yoga can give you a leg up on recovery. Yoga is great for exercise recovery!

Whether you’ve been out for a long run, long walk, bike ride, or gone skiing, hiking, or golfing, your legs have taken quite a large portion of the brunt of the workout.

yoga is good for exercise recovery

Try this Legs Up the Wall pose.

It’ll give your legs, feet and mind a break after your exercise efforts.

It also speeds recovery by draining fluids from the legs, stretches the hamstrings, and
relieves tired legs and feet.

Stay in this pose for 10 minutes and feel the difference!

Sitting on the floor, slide one hip as close as you can to a wall.

Swing both legs up the wall and shimmy your rear end as close to the wall as possible (you’ll be lying on your back). If this hurts your hamstrings, slide a few inches away from the wall.

Rest your arms on your belly, or stretch them away from you in a T, W, or V position.

When you are done, bend your knees, roll to one side, and rest there, taking a few breaths before getting up.

Exercise, recover, and rest!

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