Why Healthy Gut Bacteria Is Important

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Do you know much about why it’s important to balance your bacteria? Do you know why healthy gut bacteria is important?

Do you struggle to lose fat, even though you’re eating a healthy, clean diet and getting plenty of exercise? If so, there’s something else you might need to be paying attention to: balancing your bacteria.

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How To Keep Your Gut Bacteria Healthy

Your gastrointestinal system is home to trillions of microbes that carry out dozens of essential functions. They train the immune system, synthesize vitamins (including B vitamins and vitamin K), and regulate hormones.

And research shows they affect weight, too.

While the “good bugs” in the intestinal tract (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus) promote digestion and elimination, harmful gut bacteria (including Bacteriodes and Clostridium) slow the motion that propels food forward, causing stagnation and weight gain.

The good news is that “friendly bacteria” can crowd out those fat-storing flora. All you have to do is feed them the right food.

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The Best Foods

What’s the right food for keeping your gut healthy?

Boost your friendly flora with a high-fiber (especially soluble fiber) diet that’s low in sugar. Aim for at least 60 percent of your food to be fresh (not processed), and always opt for organic and naturally raised meats.

Again, this balancing out of your bacteria might just be what you need to pay attention to in order to reach your fat loss goals.

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