YES, during menopause it is POSSIBLE to have abundant health and a body and brain that function well all day long!

Are you finding it difficult to go through menopause? Reduce hot flashes, night sweats, stress, weight gain and many other menopause symptoms with this step-by-step guide.

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The choices you make about your self-care during menopause are more important than you think!

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Do you know the STEPS you can take to help your NATURAL appetite get back on track and do its job better? Are you even in touch with your natural appetite anymore, or do you feel like cravings and unhealthy eating habits rule the day?

Changing WHAT you eat, how you exercise, and what you do to take care of yourself during menopause will make for a much smoother and healthier menopause for sure! It’s all up to you! And willpower doesn’t work! So find out what does work and put it to work for YOU!

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With The Truth About Menopause:

  • Find out what types of exercises REALLY work, leaving you feeling better, looking better and optimizing your health.
  • Discover the exact types of unique workouts that produce MUCH better results than boring, repetitive cardio exercise routines.
  • DON’T waste money on expensive equipment or other training gear, because you’ll have options so that you can choose what works best for you.
  • DO get unique tips guaranteed to make your menopausal time more enjoyable while reducing stress and other menopausal symptoms.

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Bonus #1: Free product updates! I’m always working to find the best information from sources around the world. And when I add the latest research findings to The Truth About Menopause, I want you to have them, too. Whenever I release a new edition of The Truth About Menopause, I will send you an email so you can get it right away…for free.

Bonus #2: Nuggets of Nutrition Know-How – 20 nuggets you can put into practice immediately to feel better during menopause.

Bonus #3: Age-Defying Superfoods – How to find and use the best antioxidants out there. Includes the keys to understanding ORAC, the USDA’s extensive testing program of antioxidants.

Bonus #4: Heart Rate Training Revealed – Why cardiovascular exercise is important for everyone, the 5 heart rate training zones, how to monitor and optimize your exercise for maximum benefit.

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